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Thread: i5 75?

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    i5 75?

    Firs off,I have a Budget of up to 1200$ . I can increase that if necessary. I don't have any experience with gaming laptops .I've been doing research for about 3 days now and I've narrowed my options to the
    G74sxbbk(8or9) and the G75VW . I was Told By some friends that i7 processors are not essential for high end gaming and that they are only necessary for Advanced editing programs, engineering and autocad etc. Is this true ? or does the i7 processor have a considerable impact on gaming. If not Would i be able to find a G75VW with an i5 processor or do they only come with an i7 processor.Also could i get a 4gb ram and then upgrade it to 16gb later?(so i get another 4 gb after a week and an 8gb ram later)Does this fill all slots?( I have been told to not fill all slots for a reason I can't recall atm) Also what graphics card would you recommend? Also what models would you recommend for the g74sx and what models would you recommend for the g75vw. I don't expect you to answer all my questions ofcours thanks for reading and for your time I want to be able to play games like Diablo 3 , starcraft2 ,fifa12.

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    The biggest thing to remember when buying a laptop is you will be using the same machine with the same specs for a few years. Most laptops aren't easily upgradable and aside from additional RAM and new Hard drives. It is easy to upgrade most desktop.

    As you are likely keeping the laptop for more than a year or two, you need to buy the best hardware you can afford otherwise you will be stuck with a machine that isn't powerful enough to play any of the more graphic intensive games.

    So to answer your i5/i7 question. With the processor, more is more. An i5 will be enough to play todays games but in 2 years it might not be. I would not cheap out on the specs. If that means you have to save up for another month to get a better laptop that will be powerful enough until its time to replace it, you would be better off.

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    Unless you just have to have a laptop. You should build a desktop. $1200 bucks would go a lot further than on a laptop. think about it. If your not sure how to build one, well you came to the right place.

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