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    Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3

    Upgrade from signature rig:

    Maxiumus Gene IV Gen3 Bios 3305
    intel i5 2550k@4500 MHz 1.28 VCore 24/7 settings
    Cooler Master V6
    G Skill Sniper 1600 8GB @ 1867 24/7 1.495V
    OCZ Vertex SSD 60GB
    eVGA 460GTX @800/1800

    Question: Motherboard was shipped with original Bios (first release) on first boot flashed to 3305 and after OS set the Bios to the above settings manual. How to disable the settings or reduce the integrated graphics settings since the CPU has none.
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    Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen 3 Bios 3501 W764 Home Premium
    Game Settings:i5 2550K@4600Mhz (Offset) Vcore1.288 Cooler Master V6
    G.Skill Sniper 8GB Cas10.10.10.28 T2 @1867Mhz 1.50V
    Evga GTX 460 800/1600/1800 OCZ Vertex SSD
    Black Widow / X-Luca Team Scorpion
    NXZT 650 80 Gold NXZT 51Case

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    OK... so is this good or bad? What is your question?!

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