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    Maximus IV Extreme

    Hey everyone,

    Coming up here pretty soon I'm going to be leaving behind my LGA 1366 setup and moving on to 1155 (I'm beyond enthused for the kind of OCing potential we've all seen from this chipset).

    My only question comes in the Maximus IV Extreme, I noticed for the PCI lanes it offers x16 / x8 x8 / or x8 x16 x16 - I don't quite understand this part. If the board is capable of x8 x16 x16, surely if only using 2 lanes instead of 3 it should be x16 x16 no?

    I'm going to be running 3way SLI so while the x8 x8 doesn't concern me, I want to make sure the x8 x16 x16 isn't a possible mistake.

    Also, are there any significant differences between the P67 and Z68 versions of this board? From what I've read it only sounds like the Z68 simply offers a few extra options, but I haven't found anything that would be significant or impacting for an enthusiast.

    Thanks in advance.

    **EDIT - nevermind the question regarding the p67 vs Z68, was able to find a decent summary.
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    You could download the manual of that mobo ( and see how they suggest to install the graphic cards...

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