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    ROG Phoebus running really hot?


    So I bought the ROG Phoebus a few days ago and I'm also running a pair of ASUS GTX 670 DCII TOP cards in SLI. The Phoebus is right ontop the second card which means the hottest air is being exhausted around that card and I'm wondering if this is dangerous for the card as I noticed it's running really hot.

    As a side note though I just opened my chassi and touched the Phoebus card to check the heat during 0 load on the GPUs and it's still kind of hot. Is it suppose to run hot 24/7 or is this dangerous for the card?

    Thanks for any clarifications .

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    i'm guessing you mean it's jammed between the 670's? if so then yes, that is very dangerous for the Phoebus. The ventilation will be really bad and I have no idea how small the gap would be between the 670's and the Phoebus wedged between them both. My suggestion is you shut down immediately, give the components a significant amount of time to cool and then remove the Phoebus and put it at the farthest PCIe slot you can

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    No, thats not what I meant. The card is above both of the cards. I use a P8Z77-V mobo and the Phoebus sits in the top pcie x1 slot, above both cards.

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    It should be okay, but you can place a fan near it remove some heat from that area if need be.

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    I have the Phoebus in the first PCIex1 slot too. Already set my case up so that a fan is manually pointed towards the GPUs and an exhaust fan is on the side panel - means the temperature of the components isn't too hot but I'm still going to watercool the GPUs.
    Helps if you have a backplate on the GPUs to dissipate the heat but could affect the alignment of the soundcard above it.
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