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    G73 Screen Saver .SCR Download?

    What is it up rog freinds? lolz.... as I recently wiped my G73 and did a fresh install of windows, I lost the original screensaver. No biggie for me, actually i didnt notice untill my gf let me know, she uses the laptop for work stuff (as do I), and likes the original screensaver, thinks its pretty. Personally I have to keep it on mute because its gone off a few times at my work ..... they probably thought I was playing counterstrike or something lol.

    So the question is, is there anywhere to download the silly thing? Shes got the screensavers on the other G's and wants it for the G73 too, has a thing about matching, as most girls do imo (you should have seen how much she despised both the msi and sager that I tried out before we decided to wait for the G75 to come out lolz). I couldnt find it anywhere else, So I thought I would try here, you guys havent failed me yet, youre a good bunch of dudes/dudettes . Regardless, thanks for taking the time all.
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