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    ROG going away from gamers?

    So im just wondering what people inputs are regarding GAMERS with Asus ROG as over the years things have went from improving gaming to Improving for overclockers.

    Its just a thread to get input of the memebers who are active over the years thinking what it is going for now.

    Because as a gamer I see things and it makes me a bit sad and dont know if im the only one who feels this way.

    Such as things like Pricing for OVERCLOCKERS Features which makes the board more expensive for the even Above average gamers.

    Most professional as well as well known gamers have 1x highend GPU to 2x Gpu Mid ranged such as the following GTX 580 as the 1x or GTX 560TI as 2x gpus

    They then need a motherboard capable of atleast SLI as well as a free PCI Slot for usually a Soundcard.

    Thats where ROG boards with a Soundcard built in comes at such as the SupremeFX and what not removing needing a Highend Soundcard mainly.

    On top of that they also include Intel Ethernet, ROG GameFirst which helps gamers

    mainly these are KEY components to a ROG board to a gamer, so why cant we get a board with just these features with a little higher price then the standard socket board, and the decked out ROG board?

    lets just take this as a example...

    p8p67 pro=180$
    Maximus IV Extreme = 360$

    Now look at the HUGE difference in what a gamer has to pay for almost the same benefits but a few features that dont even make the motherboard that expensive still...

    Why cant there be a gamers edition to set it at maybe...

    250$ for Asus Gamers edition? Still good margin for profit as Im sure some gamers would maybe even pay 260$

    If people want 3way SLI/Crossfire, get the board that is made for it of course, but there is no reason for other features favored mainly to overclockers should make gamers motherboards in a Gaming community more for overclockers and expect them to pay that price.

    Its just gamers simply put should not have to pay the overclockers pricing.

    Asus ROG Is going more of the Overclockers area more then before lately instead of sticking with the gamers.

    Of course I love ROG but I stand up for gamers.

    IDK if im making no sense here or not but i hope people still would vote for what they think Asus ROG is going torwards more of.
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    I have to disagree with some of your points,

    mainly the need for overclocking is essential to push hardware further than they come stock to achieve results in the demanding games eg, bf3,arma 2 OA etc... most noteably single gpus need to be pushed quite hard if you cant afford to sli..

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    Cody .. although I see exactly what you are saying I can not see how to seperate out the
    two more than is existing ..
    I was under the impression that Formulas are the +Gamers Versions
    and the Extremes are the +OverClockers Versions ...

    Now a Straight up Gamers Version is very interesting .. but from there
    the line gets blurry .. but then I never saw LN2 at a Gaming Competition.

    I didnt vote in the poll because ROG is but a small percentage of Asus ..
    and 'they' are 'focused' on theClouds ......... Zeus .. Zen .. and Z.
    There has been Major investment in ROG Gaming Advancement this year alone ..

    and .. with intel releasing a new chipset/cpu every 15 minutes .. hahhaa
    the scramble is on ...

    I think though you are correct that a Top Gamer Edition at a lower price point
    considering GPU's constantly climbing pricing is a good idea.

    or a mega CPU/GPU processor just add Ram and drives board ??? AMD ??? come on.c.

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    My personal opinion is that Asus went way overboard towards the Over Clockers with the ROG line. Yes there are a lot of OC'ers here at the ROG Forums but truthfully how many people really enjoy coming home from work to sit and stare at a monitor for up to 8 hours running Prime98...Not many! and I'm talking General People not Hard Core OC'ers.

    I'd rather have a system that's OC'd a little for better Performance while playing a game than spend Thousands for a machine that I can take up into Space but does little to play a game longer than 10 mins and I have to fill an LN2 Pot to play another 10mins. Over Clock is expensive and in the Real World worthless. So what if you can get a Single Core to 8ghz when you can't run Stalker without Blue Screening. My 50Frames a Second is Just as fast as an I7 running at 50frams a second, I don't care how OC'd his CPU is. it's like what weighs more 50Tons of Feathers or 50tons of S**T.

    ROG Stands for Republic of Gamers not Over Clockers Are US...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaemonCantor View Post
    ROG Stands for Republic of Gamers and should not completely evolve into OverClockers.

    Couldn't agree more after seeing what MVE turned into... sigh.

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    Chrsplmr I do agree and disagree

    and btw, like you said Extreme are overclockers BUT..Formula's are mainly consisted of AMD boards or HIGHER END Cpu's such as LGA 1366 and 2011 both consisting of much more expensive CPU's.

    There has not been a Gamers area of CPU of a motherboard like the LGA 1155 for example, gamers actually use the i5 2500k for Power but also very low cost.

    Alot of gamers coming out of their 3year minimum of using a computer they bought or built with best cost to performance ratio are upgrading to things such as the 2500k or the ivy bridge one which I forget the exact name.

    Asus only makes the Gene version which is affordable for the same stuff as the Extreme versions or the Formula Versions of the ROG boards, but the downfall is its the BARE MINIMUM meaning mATX with SLI only option as the max, you cant add in a extra (ANY) pci slot type card if you want to use it if its better cause they usually house the lets say for example pci x1 slot in between the pci e x16 slot one and pci e x16 slot 2.

    so if you are using SLI thats all you get, to where as a ATX motherboard with same stuff but with more slots costs less or same price you just dont get the ROG features mainly torwards a gamer that I said above like the better onboard sound card and ROG Gamefirst.

    the major investments on gamers though yes I agree and also still disagree there too.
    Gamers do not like to overclock mainly lets take their new Desktop system they built for gamers...

    Does their Warranty for asus cover it for atleast 2 years if the auto overclock button over time burns out the CPU from a overclock? Yes its set standard to it and would probably help gamers but what about intels warranty with asus having asus doing overclocking on it which automatically voids the warranty? does the mean asus will not cover it as well because they lose money which companies are majorly concerned about lately?

    and the fact that this desktop will probably cost a couple thousand, do gamers want to risk using the automatic overclock and end up being screwed out of it?

    Like I said though regardless...

    Gamers want a system for 3+ years minimum, STOCK settings, with gaming benefits that WORK.

    Also not lieing here, Gamers can buy a non Gaming motherboard, and download Freeware that works just as good if not better for things like the ROG Gamefirst, they can get a VERY highend gaming soundcard for around 50-70$ and use that for 5+ years throughout the multiple gaming rigs they buy.

    But like I said this is just a discussion of what I see and would like others inputs, I just think that gamers shouldnt have to pay a Overclockers Price.

    Maybe Asus should look into this and stop bundling Overclockers and Gamers together.
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    Extreme board - not gamer. Overclocker.

    Formula and GENE - Gamer. Both have SupremeFX, but Extreme does not.

    Want 1 GPU + sound card: Get a GENE.
    Want 2 GPU + sound card: Get a Formula.

    Add ThunderFX option for Formula: Gamer++ (cause you can use it with your consoles)

    Launching more ROG desktops than we've ever done (3 now: CG 8890, CG 8580, CG 8480): Mainstream Gamer

    Two new, Cost:Performance concious gaming notebooks: Mainstream Gamer

    Recently launched Phoebus: 100% high-end Gamer (cause otherwise you'd buy a Xonar STX for pro-audio entertainment)

    Launching 3 new headsets; USB DSP can be used with any headset, plus Orion is more mainstream: Gamerrrrrr

    We're more gamer than ever!?

    ROG employs its own team and its own R&D for features, BIOS. This costs serious money. It has separate feature development (ROG Pro, Fusion Thermo is 100% custom design, GameFirst I then II, OC Key is 100% custom design, BIOS Flashback first appeared on ROG, ROG Connect, RC Bluetooth etc, SupremeFX) - all this costs money. ROG doesn't just rebrand its channel boards in another color like some other brands might do - it's a genuinely different product. If a channel board suffices, then choose that, you don't have to buy ROG to be a gamer but the package will always be a complete one.

    p8p67 pro=180$
    Maximus V GENE=185$
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    Yes I love you marshall glad to see some Asus input here as I have not been completely in the loop in seeing what you are doing gamer wise, but still regarding the p8p67 pro and Maximus V Gene area for right now, Why limit us to a mAtx??? sure SLI with some ROG gamer features are nice, but we want the benefit of a Atx to full ATX board without the Overclockers Extras.

    Regarding thunderFX i doubt that will catch on for gamers cause thats alot of extra $$ for gamers to throw for some of them features if I remember right.

    About Formula boards, They are mainly focused torwards AMD and HIGHEND intel sockets meaning 2011/1366 as example...

    On top of that, let me also say this, Regarding ROG Boards, How come you guys can do the regular boards and space the x16's across with any other pci slot better then the ROG boards?

    Let me put it like this

    p8p67 pro <--------->Maximus IV Extreme

    pci x1 <-----------------> pcie x16
    pcie x16 <--------------> pci x1
    pci x1 <-----------------> pcie x16
    pci <-------------------> pcie x16
    pcie x16 <---------------> pci x16
    pci <-------------------> pci x1
    pcie x16 @4x

    By what I mean up above is the Layout
    Why am I able to use atleast 1 of each PCI slot type but I cant on a ROG board?

    Cause we all know all Gpu's are pretty much 2 slots and will cover up anything under them meaning whatever pci slot is directly under it say bye bye to its use.

    Maybe its just me??? nit picking because I dont get benefits like a non ROG board so I get more of my moneys worth regarding PCI Slots but ive always wondered that.

    Regarding the new Desktop yes, its HIGH-END remember, most gamers do not care for HIGH-END as a HIGH-END computer costs up to around 500$ a part, meaning Processor, Motherboard, Memory(lower), SSD, HDD(lower), Case(prolly cost if made to public like 150+ due to some of its features like the overclocking part).

    With all these costs, your market is a Very small Limited gamer market.

    Launching Headsets is not too big of a market due to there are many headsets for certain gamers and entering the Headset market against Steelseries/Razer/Mionix/Logitech/ect. is a VERY ruff market, I would prefer you guys personally to come into the Microphone ONLY that sat on your desk market, as well as Speakers, since Gaming speakers are hard to come by as most are still 2.1 instead of 5.1/7.1 which also are worse then most 2.1 speakers.

    Of course though I have seen the headsets on reviewsites and what not they look good, and you guys at Asus ROG did not go torward the Square headphones and stayed with Circles.

    For gamers who dont always wear their Headsets this is a MUST because Oval/Square headphones wearing around the neck are just uncomfortable because people do not add enough slack to pull the headphones down more to not poke them in the Chin and rest on it.

    Regarding Notebooks, Have not touched that area in a LONG time as most notebooks are still too small or people want 3500$+ for a 17in notebook compared to slightly different and unoticable 15inch notebooks for 2000$-2500$. This is a area I dont want to compare regarding gaming because gaming notebooks are just not my thing.

    I wish asus would also enter the Gaming MICE area, and not go to the Professional gamers about it like others do and give everyone a mouse that 25% people like and 75% a uncomfortable mouse.

    Ive seen this issue brought up so much and I dont know why companies just dont make a professional team their own mice torwards their hands.
    Of course everyone is different, but there are a few mice no one said was uncomfortable nor too heavy, or too light, or even weird button placements. Most of the ones I heard were only the buttons could have been a tad bit bigger as yes they were VERY small from what I seen.

    Also regarding the Product difference as you said, I understand some of it, but asus should also as I said not make gamers pay a overclockers price, I know you guys dont rebrand boards as I never even said that or I would have accused asus of it Immidiately not even kidding haha.

    But yea...... Gamers would like some slack and get features they get on a regular board onto a ROG board such as the better Onboard Audio. I know its sort of rebranding but with some features like that im pretty sure others would realize its a gamers upgrade board rather then a rebrand.

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    I do have a problem with your Definition of Gamer MarshallR, ROG Connect, RC Bluetooth and most of that stuff Asus made for ROG to me is meaningless as a Gamer. Sorry but I'm not going to stop a Match just so I can pick up a Phone or go to another Machine just to OC my machine and then come back just to find I've been Shot 8 times because I thought I could get a little more out of my CPU. Over half of the Features on a ROG Board are for the OC'ers Only. Why would I want to shut down 90% of my BIOS Features just to play a GAME. Yes some of the OC Features are good but not the Majority. Also Don't get me started on that TurboEVO Garbage or the Useless EPU that only works if you don't have TurboEVO turned on or your System in anything other than High Performance...Then there's that Never worth installing AI Suite because you can never get it to work right.

    If Asus really want's a Stunning Gamer System/Board, Redesign it to better suit the Equipment that's out now ie: If Asus is going to make Triple Slot Cards then Make the layout to except Multiple Cards not just ONE. Move the Power Connections to the Bottom of the boards Since most Cases have Bottom Mount PSU's. Things like this would make a better not only Gaming Board but better all around board. It's not OC features that people are looking for but instead How long is it going to last, what can I do with it in the Real World, Can I a Simple Person figure out how to put it together...which brings the next point WHERE THE HELL IS THE DOCUMENTATION! You list Names in the Book that comes with them, Give an explanation that is Meaningless but never explain what the heck it is.

    Yes I could go on for Days but I'll end this now as I think you get the point.

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    I agree with the gaming mouse assessment, try to make something like the G700 only <$70. Give it the dual wired/wireless modes, as well as a good scroll wheel. That ratchet wheel mechanism is what sold me--along with the size.

    I think the reason that ASUS has focused on the overclockers in recent years is that they are a lucrative section of the gaming desktop market. Look at the top listing on 3dMark website, virtually everybody (4-14,16,18-20 as of this writing) is running some ASUS motherboard. I agree with both sides, the OC'ing brings in money, so why not have the spenders who will pay anyway help subsidize a less hard-core board for the rest? Spread the pcie lanes out so that those who run two air-cooled GPUs in SLI can still have their pci/pcie x1 sound card in the computer at the same time. Most ROG members would likely rather spend the money on gaming peripherals such as sound cards that improve the experience of the game, not just the frame rates.

    You know, drop some of those OC'er only features--but leave the BIOS recovery!!!--and lower the price. How many ROG'ers would be happy to put that money saved into some sweet ROG accessories--where the profit margin could be even higher! Just my thoughts. I will say, however, that I think ASUS has the gaming notebook segment bagged for the big time.

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