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    ROG Enthusiast Array Muddy Paws PC Specs
    Muddy Paws PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)whats a lap top, a sleezy dance
    MotherboardAsus Crossair vi hero
    ProcessorRyzen 1800x oc'd
    Memory (part number)Corsair 2666mhz@2933mhz
    Graphics Card #1Asus duel 6g gtx 1060 oc'd
    Graphics Card #2nope
    Graphics Card #3nope
    Graphics Card #4nope
    Sound Cardon board Asus
    MonitorAOC 29" wide screen
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    Jul 2017

    Hi to all Rog'ers my name is Marvin (aka Muddypaws), I build custom Rog gaming machines from scratch and in a bench type open air water cooled way no cases here apart from the TT p5, main system pc. I will post some pics later.
    my main pc is C6H 6 with an 1800x and 16g ram. 4.025mhz ram is rated 2666mhz and running 2933mhz.
    I also have a Asus 970 Rog gaming in the mix 80% dome.
    plus I have the Asus OC panel too with updated firmware.
    my interests are Rog and Rog stuff, actually anything Rog.
    my GPU is an Asus 1060 gtx 6 gig. running just under 2100mhz and mem is +250 all running nice no lag.
    hope to learn more than you and have fun doing it. many regards muddyp. some pics.

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    thanks for looking sub'd amazing site too. and I love polite it makes me smile,
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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    Welcome. Beyond 'polite', respectful to all sides and right up the middle goodSir.
    You see, polite starts with a 'p' ....................... R'OG. .c.

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