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    Best Ati Drivers

    Hello Everybody

    This is a question for every owner g73jh, i would like to know if its a good choice updating catalyst driver to the newest version from Ati web page , i have red that is not recommended using any other that the ones from asus homepage (which have not been updated since january´s 2010.)

    In thread "G73 Series Driver and Application Reference" seems that the recommended version is 11.02, is this right?

    thank you in advance and Sorry about my english. Im spanish XD

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    I have heard people say that the stock 9.12 or the 10.1 or the 10.10e or 10.12 RC3 or 11.2 are the best.

    9.12 / 10.1 are most stable
    10.10e are cool i guess
    10.12 RC3 are good if you have problems with 11.2
    11.2 are the best out if you have no problems i believe.
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    yes but before you update I would recommend updating your Vbios avoid any problems

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    So if i want any driver different from the stock version, i must update Vbios for avoid problems.

    Till now i haven´t got any problems of gsod or similiar, i´m only thinking about changing drivers if it means better performance.

    Anyway thanks for your answers.

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    You might notice a performance increase in some games. I actually had one game that wouldn't even launch with the stock drivers. It would crash during a hardware detection routine. But you have to do the vBios update before you update the drivers or you will get the GSOD.

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