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    Asus G71Gx Fan Not Working

    My fan on my G71Gx stopped working the other day and now my laptop just overheats after 10 minutes of use and shuts down. The fan doesn't seem to be activating on standard run mode. The PC also will not let me run in overclock mode anymore as well.

    Is there a way to test if the fan is broken. DO I open it and maybe can fix it from there? Or do I need to buy a new one and that will work?

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    You might need to order a new fan, which would cost you $20 at the Asus e-store.

    To check to see if the fan is broken, just lift up the case and see if you hear noise after a few minutes of usage.

    If you need a few pictures on removing the fan, I'd be glad to put some up.
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