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    Jack Brown

    power connector pin broke on my G53jw

    Where the cable plugs into the laptop, the central pin in the jack broke off into the power cord... now, I cannot charge (or use) my computer.

    I am wondering if others have seen this problem.
    What can I do to fix this?

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    Jack Brown
    Well, unfortunately, the only answer I was able to get from Asus was that I needed to send it in for warranty repair. This means my nice laptop is not going to Milpitas, CA via FedEx (3-5 days) for a 3-4 day turnaround, and then another 3-5 days back to Minneapolis.

    Makes me want to consider finding someplace that can do a modification to it, replacing the power supply connector with something like Apple does on their Macbooks.


    So, has anyone else had this problem?

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    I had the exact same issue, and after doing some digging on other websites i found there are other people that its happened to.

    The power port always felt loose, but the fact that the pin came out could mean some design/quality issues as the pin is typically soldered to a larger plate bigger than the hole so it cannot be pulled out... but here we are.

    Im waiting to hear back from Asus if they have my 1 year accidental on file, and ill be sending it in as well.

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    Jack Brown


    This should still be under your manufacturers warranty, rather than the accidental damage one... as this should be considered a manufacturing defect.

    When I looked at the broken pin, it looked like it was less than a millimeter wide, down from around 2-2.5mm. Personally, I think that is far too thin for something as critical as this.

    Checking around town here (in the Twin Cities), non-warranty repairs will run from $100-$150... and given the nature of this, I am fully expecting (unfortunately) this to happen again.

    If you have links to sites talking about this problem, I would greatly appreciate it

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    Clearly ASUS deserves a boot in the ass for sending "straight" power-connectors.. and mega-large ones too! :P

    Built to fail.. Should be a free exchange or at least a free L-adapter..

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    ROG Member Array Ratchet19's Avatar
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    I found something to solve the problem with this (CNT-LC53 LC53 - Right Angle 90 Degree Converter for 5.5x2.5mm Connector)

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    Jack Brown

    right-angle adapter

    Now, do we know for sure that will work with the G53Jw?

    I am assuming that there are more than one plug style.

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    Jack Brown
    Ok, this is getting to be VERY freaking lame. First, this all happens. Then, it turns out that the turn-around time for the repair (after shipping it from MN to CA) is 7-10 days.

    Now the RMA is tagged as "Customer Induced Damage"? WTF?
    I did nothing wrong! I didn't abuse the machine, was always careful with it. I have never seen a laptop power connector fail, much less this quickly.

    In almost 10 years of using dells at work (we have dozens, if not hundreds of them), I have never heard of this happening to ANY of them!

    I am completely not happy with this situation. Talking with customer/technical support hasn't been of any help, because they can't get any information directly from the repair center. Still, I cannot believe this could be considered my fault.

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    Jan 2011

    This literally just happened to me. The plug is so weak that just me moving my laptop around in my lap an nudging the power cord broke the inside tip off. I'm pretty upset, I use this laptop for my school needs and I really don't think that there is any other option here but to send it in...

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    Jack Brown
    Sorry to hear that, Gatsby.

    Did get a call from the RMA department, and they are fixing mine under warranty (not the ADW, either), and are investigating the problem. Evidently it is starting to happen a lot.

    Hopefully, there will be a recall on these, and we'll all be able to get a better connector, or something.,

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