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    did you try to plug the black jack off the control module, that was the cause of the humming for me!

    i have a razer tiamat 7.1 and the phoebus card i use the tiamat headset like a 7,1 sound system and it work very well. need some adjustment for the humming it take me some time but i got it .

    try that connect the control pad in ur sound card, not the mic or the line out for a headset, just the black 1/8 jack for the power

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    Hi Fergal

    Thanks for trying to help, it's appreciated

    I have this headset here

    I have my black jack in the slot marked "rear", orange in the slot marked "ctr/sbw", green in the slot marked "front" and pink in the slot "mic in"

    I also tried a cheap headset, unplugged my Medusa completely and tried the headphones in "headphone out" and mic in "mic in".

    Still got the same buzzing (when in games only).


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    I Had same issues, an because the card doesn't have EAC (yet the motherboard does) it picks up every little fart that the card hears, an repeats it through mic. I had to rip out that pos junk mic box that comes with it, an use a 20$ mic I got from a shop.

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    I had issues with "humming" and what sounded like a lawn-mower when playing games like Hitman Absolution or Battlefield 3, and trying to talk in Teamspeak. I was using a Zalman-ZM1 clipon mic, where using a Creative X-Fi Titanium HD provided AMAZING voice quality and clarity in teamspeak and the clipon mic picked up VERY well, the Phoebus is another story completely...

    In order for me to have gotten my voice heard in teamspeak I had to up the Mic boost to 20Db and jack the mic settings as far up as I could go before distortion, it was atrocious.

    I switched to a mic that was directly in front of my mouth(or to the side to be precise), I chose the Antlion Modmic to fit my Beyerdynamic DT990's, and now I can keep the Mic boost at 0 and I sound clear and crisp with no issues talking on ts, whether Im ingame or not.

    In reality the Modmic is a better mic, however, I should not have been REQUIRED to make the switch, or be required to use ****ty headsets or "gaming headsets" just for their mic and sacrifice the sound quality that better audiophile cans offer. (Albeit the Sennheiser PC360 is the only one I would consider due the the HD595 drivers in the earpieces)

    /end rant

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    I'm not sure what I can add that hasn't already been said, but I recently purchased the Phoebus and I am certainly having the audio problems with my mic while playing World of Warcraft. When I use Skype while playing, people on the call complain about the noise coming from my end. They say it sounds like a lawnmower. The sound isn't constant, however, they tell me it comes and goes. Sometimes the sound is subtle, sometimes it is ear piercing.

    Relevant Specs:
    CPU: Intel 3570k @ 4.2 Ghz
    GPU: EVGA GTX 680
    PSU: Corsair AX850
    Mobo: Asrock Extreme 4
    Headset: Sennheiser PC 360
    OS: Windows 8 x64.

    GPU is in top slot closest to CPU - Phoebus is in bottom slot, furthest away. My headset is plugged directly into the soundcard.

    In all other situations, the sound card performs extremely well. I only have problems with the mic.
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    Sound CardCreative SoundBlaster X3 + Zoom UAC-8
    MonitorGigabyte G32QC
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    Storage #2Samsung 970 EVO Plus
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    Mouse Logitech G602
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    Headset/Speakers Yamaha HS-7
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    Never had this issue using 2 almost identical setups, one with a GTX580, another with a GTX660.
    Boost at 0db and ENC enabled.

    Made sure that the audio card uses a seperate power lane?
    Like when using SLI, never share the lanes between 2 cards or any other components in the system, if the PSU doesn't provide enough lanes to seperate between, get a better PSU.
    Same rule should go for the Phoebus.

    Have Windows up to date, there have been some lan-audio priority issues in the past which produced crackling sounds etc.
    There are registry "tweaks" on the net to setup a specific order in the command queue list.

    Disable the onboard audio device.

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    I found a "fix" to the issue. I have an ATI 6870 and the Xonar DS (i believe). All I did was in the microphone settings through windows I made sure that the Microphone Boost was on under the Custom tab. Then I went to levels and turned it down to 25. The buzzing noise is still there but it is much quieter. So those who want a temporary fix so that your microphone is working this may work for you. Oh and I plugged the USB part of my headset (Razr 7.1 Tiamats) into a wall power outlet using just a 110v outlet and a USB phone charging adapter. I read somewhere that the card may not be gorunded right so that helped some. Good luck!

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    You`r gonna need to set few of those (experiment yourself) on top of your PSU cable which connected to Phoebus.
    Pick size by yourself (it has to lock tight on cable).
    Try to place one from PSU side and another from power connector side.
    You may try more than only 2.
    Also you may try to place few on your microphone cable too.

    It`s gonna reduce EMI noise.
    There is a guy who solved this problem (he placed 4 ferrite core filters).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0.jpg 
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ID:	28029Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_04.jpg 
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ID:	28030

    I hope it`s gonna help you all.
    P.S. Sorry for my english :-)
    Post here if it help you.
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    Graphics Card #4Asus Ares II - 179
    Sound CardBose Companion 5
    Storage #1Black 240Gb SSD
    Storage #2Red 120Gb SSD
    CPU CoolerNZXT x60
    Power SupplyAX1200
    Keyboard Vengeance K95
    Mouse G500
    Headset Sennheiser HD600
    OS 8.1 Pro 64-bit
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    that EMI supression core works on my sony tdk speakers (2.1).
    ok, this maybe not so relevant to the main topic, but I think i'd rather share this info.

    I had this sony speaker years ago (around 1999), it was a TDK 80 or 90 watt (can't remember, sorry), bought that back in the days when I studied overseas where it has 100v input. When I brought it back to my home (230v, with converter ofcourse), those speakers made humming noise. which I found out later that bad grounding is quite "common" here.
    the speaker already has a built-in supression, yet it seemed not enough. After I added another supression, the humming dissapear (or really soft which I couldn't hear).

    although I have never thought (nor imagine) to set up supression on sound card.
    but wouldn't supression should be installed on the PSU main cable instead (the one plugging to the wall) ?
    or on the power cable from the PSU to the soundcard is enough?

    I used to have xonar phoebus, which I let it go because I don't like it
    I also had razer tiamat 7.1, which I let go because it sucked. but I can confirm that even without xonar phoebus, tiamat itself does the humming.
    I don't think the humming is caused by xonar.
    but when I set the boost on +20db and higher (NOT with tiamat), I can hear the hum (so I always set it on +10db).
    with tiamat, regardless which +db you use or which soundcard you use (even motherboard), it hums.

    So Im quite sure the hum isn't phoebus's fault.

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    Yes,but Phoebus is part of this problem.
    Engineers from ASUS did a mistake-Phoebus needs additional power.
    I don`t know any other sound card with same solution.
    They thought it will eliminate motherboard`s PCI-express power bus noise ( it should benefit in noise-free sound).
    But they miss another problem - Graphics card\CPU produce huge EMI noise under load (it draws much power in 3D).
    This noise is picked up by PSU power line (Phoebus additinal power),as it works like antenna.
    And than it amplified inside Phoebus, so you can hear that noise.
    Thats why you need to use Ferrite bead with Phoebus additional power cable (inside your PC).
    Also make sure to place that cable as far as you can from Graphics card or motherboard.
    Mic`s cable\remote box also works as antenna.
    It`s a complex problem with PSU\Motherboard\GPU\Phoebus being involved.
    That`s my theory.
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