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Thread: Laptop Mods

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    James Cheek

    Laptop Mods

    Anyone out there in internet land modded their lappys? besides the cool vent mod on the g71, any good ideas for a G60 model? I have a G60 jx, which is awesome by the way, internal and external mods apply. different hardware? case mods? glue pink pom-poms on it? let me know!

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    i havent seen any but would like to see something. i remember back in the day, everyone used to do light mods and such. i guess that phase has sorta died down.

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    There's still some laptop modding going on, there's a really nice steampunk model here
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    have not seen much

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    James Cheek
    o rly?

    I would love to get some recommendations from the community

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    what is the g71 vent mod? pics?

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