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    won't boot but works with boot override

    Have 2 HDD and 1 SSD
    Installed OS 1st on ssd then the hdds
    Have Windows 7 64 on them all (1st is primary, 2nd hd is just back up, 3rd is for testing purposes only but will be later removed and used as storage)
    During OS install, disconnected each drive so they're all independent

    Boot options are the following:
    1 is dvd drive
    2 is ssd
    3 is hdd
    4 is hdd
    When using SSD as 2nd priority (name of ssd itself, no windows boot manager w/ name in bios), it boots no problem
    When rearranging and selecting 2nd or 3rd hdd as 2nd boot option, it won't boot, just the blinking cursor
    But when selecting boot override to that particular hdd, it works no problem
    Have to select Windows Boot Manager (name of HDD)...
    But boot override to the specific hdd w/o windows boot manager, it doesn't boot as well
    If boot option 3 or 4 is disabled (boot 1 as dvd drive), get the following message instead:
    reboot and select proper boot device error or insert boot media is selected boot device and press a key
    But when using boot 1 as the 1st option to the hdd, then it works

    So the only way to boot to the other 2 hdds is to select boot override, selecting windows boot manager with it
    Or using boot number 1

    Wonder if this is a bios issue, recently updated v to recent 1404, though didn't get to try w/ previous version if that worked w/o problems

    SSD is samsung 830 512gb
    2nd HDD is WD2TB Black
    3rd HDD is WD3TB Green (gtp format complete with the 3tb)

    Asus Extreme IV X79
    corsair 1200w psu
    i7 3820
    h100 cooling
    gskill 8gb 1600
    evga gtx 560 ti
    lg 12ls39 drive

    Need some insights on this, thanks in advance

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    Easy and quickest way to do what you want (I have something similar) is to use the F8 option during the POST process and just pick which OS I want to use.

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