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    Maximus - Corsair H70 and low fan RPM


    i have a maximus iv extreme-z with a 2600k overclocked at 4.7ghz.
    My case is a HAF932 and i'm using corsair H70 to cool the cpu.

    In my AI2 suite it shows that my chassis fan 1 and 2 run between 400 and 450 rpm... which seem surprisingly low.
    At idle i get about 38-40C on each core.

    I recently notice crash at high temp. When doing 3d render (100% cpu load for long period) it reach 70C in just only 5-10 minutes and between 70 and 75 i get a BSOD. that wasn't happening before but i cannot remind what where the chassis fan speed before. But it seems low and it's in yellow in the ai suite and in red in the bios. Those two chassis fan doesn't go faster on load.

    cpu fan are set to Turbo.

    cpu fan is at 1562, chassis 1 400/450 chassis 2 400/450 chassis 3 780 and power fan 1400.

    I'm using bios 1004, should i upgrade ? (i've often been told to not upgrade bios if everything work as a rule of thumb). Now everything was working untill recently.

    I've also notice that AI suite have reported an increased amount of false info such as motherboard at -1C and 12v at 0v and stuff like that. As far as i remember, this software have always repoorted random bad info.

    should i upgrade bios ? is it intented for everyone ?
    those temperature are "normal" at some point ? (i have completly air clean the computer and it didn't correct the situation)


    EDIT: I have updated ai suite just in case. I have rerun the fan xpert test and it shows that cpu fan run a t1560 no mather what the power is (o to 100%). Still show my chassis fan at 400-450 rpm.

    ai tell me that cpu is at 30C at idle but according to all other software (hd monitor and real temp and core temp) it is in fact at 40. ai show cpu socket at 40 so maybe that is what the other software give me...

    EDIT2: Ok i've rebooted, retest doing a 3d render. this time no crash. chassis fan 1 and 2 raised to 700 so it seem the update have helped that. the core temp reach 69-70c according to real temp, core temp, hwmonitor and trigone. ai reported about 10 C under. and similar cpu socket temp to those soft. no crash, but still high temperature. i'm concern about my cpu fan speed. 1550 rpm seem low for a h70. i've heard it should go up to 2000 rpm. should i turn off q-fan ? is there a software to control h70 fan ?
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