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    Vengeance and Vengeance Pro are not the same! The Pro series goes very well with Haswell...

    I recently built a system with that CPU, cooler and 2x8GB Vengeance Pro kit - working flawless, except the H80i... that cooler with it's stock fans is getting noisy if you start pushing the CPU... and it still can not keep the 4670k very cool...

    I'm using only a mild OC (4.2GB) and had to change the fans on the H80i to keep the temps in my comfort zone... used Deltas instead of the original Corsair fans, which are still noisy, but at least have very high airflow... - so just keep this in mind...

    Sincerely, if you're not sure about OC'ing, then I don't see too much point in the Maximus VI Formula... I would go instead with the Gryphon and it's armor kit (

    You would save close to $100 on the board which could go into the memories... let's be serious, Haswell can handle higher frequencies than 1600MHz... this kit would go nicely with the Gryphon:

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