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    4.0 Ghz i7 950 w/ Air cooler?

    Hello all,

    First time OCer with a simple question. As a note I don't yet have the system put together and I'm doing a little bit of pre-planning and research.

    Is it possible to safely reach 4.0 Ghz with an i7 950 running on a Extreme III Gene mobo with a Cooler Master V6GT air cooling?

    Thanks all in advance for your answers.

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    Yes, it's possible and it has been done but it's going to depend entirely on the luck of the draw. Intel "bins" processors lower than they can actually clock according to what people want to buy. Some CPU's have a much higher ceiling than others. You may end up with one that requires more voltage to reach that speed and the heat may be too much for your cooler. If you are stuck on hitting 4 then be prepared to change the cooler, CPU, or both.

    TL;DR: Don't count on it but you may get lucky.
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    Overclocking a CPU can be a bit of a gamble when it comes to the maximum possible speed, every CPU has a different overclocking potential. If CPU is capable of running 4GHz with lower Core voltage like 1.25V it may be possible to hold 4GHz stable on air cooling. To give it the best chance use an effective thermal paste and ensure proper contact between the heat sink and CPU, you do not want the cooler to be siting loosely on the CPU. Start with lower voltages to maintain the lowest possible CPU temperatures as your air cooler is the main limitation to holding a 4GHZ overclock.

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