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    Disassembly guide for ASUS K53SV / K53SJ

    Hey guys,

    i search a guide to dismantle my ASUS K53SV Notebook. I have only changed my HDD/ODD/RAM/keyboard, but this is easy. Because my CPU/GPU temperature is very high and i know anybody who change the original with a new very good heat transfer paste and he get a better temperature from 8 degree with the same notebook model. So i think i can prevent my notebook from the throttling bug.

    best regards,

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    Arctic IC diamond is regarded to be the best. Maybe post a thread in the PC-building section asking about the best thermal grease. That is the section with the most PC-building/repairing experts of anywhere on this forum. What temperatures are you getting? Anything <65 C (150 F) should be fine. The thermal shut-offs are 100 C (210 F)
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