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Thread: Modified 2003

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    Issues? It not like it's a beta OROM. They just don't want to take the time to modify a BIOS with the latest OROM. Give thanks to the people who take the time and MOD them for us. Yay!
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    It takes them literally "no time" to do this.
    You simply drag the updated OPROM into the BIOS editor and hit compile.

    They DO have a legitimate reason for not wanting to update it - and I'd love to get the answer why.

    I see you're a new poster - feel free to search the forums and look for Shamino's original comment on why it wasn't being updated to get a bit more in the loop. I believe it was around 3-4 months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrosan View Post
    It's already known using the new OPROM causes no issues to previous data, which I believe is the reason Shamino initially said is why it hasn't been updated.
    The only logical reasons I can come up with are:

    A) it will cost (not sure how Intel licenses their OPROMs) or
    B) They just don't want to deal with the headache of users complaining if something DOES indeed go wrong - "if it isn't broken, why fix it?"

    It would be nice however to hear the legitimate reason why they are not updating their top of the line boards with the latest proven stable software, though. Especially seeing as this particular OPROM enhances performance and these boards claim to be all about performance.
    Im gonna quote my answer in the other topic:
    "R4E3960X is right. I tested this myselfe too. And i ve made some benchmarks with my samsung SSD 830 256 GB and it makes a significant gain in performance so the wuestion is why ASUS cant integrate it in the new bios ?? IT cannot be so hard that a company like ASUS is not able to do it ! I really dont understand this policy , infact they shoudl update Intel RAID OROM + Asmedia SATA OROM + Asmedia USB3 firmware + Intel management negine to v 8 - I see intel mobos that have version 8 of Management engine sporting X79 chipset so there is really no reasen that ASUS cant implement all those upgrades. Not mentioning that ASUS should upgrade all mobos that way BUT definetly they should update FLAGSHIP mobo which is Rampage IV Extreme..." For the end im gonna add 1 thing - ROG mobos are for enthusiasts not people that are not able to backup their data themselves or dont know that such updates can messs up the data. We all KNOW the consequences and new OROM's provide far better performance ! And RIVE mobos are using initial release OROMS so there is another reason to update...

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