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    g73j keyboard with League of Legends

    so, on occasion, I like to use my laptop for gaming due to ability to be lazy on the couch , and since, you know, it is a gaming laptop. Unfortunately, I've found the keyboard responsiveness has been lacking. I play league of legends from time to time, and as any LOL players know, surviving in that games depends on quick reactions and a keyboard that responds when you hit the keys. I find myself hammering my skills key quite often trying to get them to work. Considering there are really only 4-6 keys on really needs to use on the keyboard in that game, I would think it shouldn't be a problem, but it is and can't seem to figure out a solution. The keys themselves seem to work fine without a hitch other wise, so it seems to be an in game issue. But when I play on my desktop I never run into the problem. The game itself runs and looks great, the graphics card handles it just fine. Anyone else run into this problem or find a solution>?

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