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    I recall someone suggesting unplugging the laptop and removing the battery and waiting for a few minutes before trying to power up again. Wish I could be more specific.

    Have you tried doing anything like this?

    EDIT: Since it failed flashing an unofficial BIOS, you'll almost certainly have to pay for the repair. I sincerely hope you get it fixed and returned quickly and professionally.
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    as long as you are trying things that probably wont work, have you tried turning it on with the rog or power 4 gear button (don't recall which one was)? even if it boots into the build in linux you won't be able to access the bios, but you should be able to boot into windows from there if it works... perhaps you can try to winflash the original bios and bricked or not then you might be back on warranty again... just thinking out loud...

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    Red face

    I tried to remove the battery and the ac-plug.
    I tried to start on the ROG-button, without any different result. (NOTE: That may work on a standard setup, but in the progress of installing a SSD as my primary harddrive i removed powermegasuperexpressasusgate since i deemed it pretty much worthless on rog-lapto)
    Both of these shouldn't matter seeing how Easy-flash pretty much installed nothing seeing how the pc can't read a USB3 slot in bios mode (it needs the drivers).

    I sent it in with the error report as "Power button does nothing. Corrupted BIOS" and they replaced the motherboard all covered by the warranty.
    This is Sweden, and the service-company was INFOCARE CS AB.

    Thanks for all the help! Just installed the throttle-fix BIOS from a usb-drive in FAT32 and connected to the correct slot (Not the bottom right).

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    BullDozzer.. did this work ? u good now ? can i do a backflip and scream yippy ... yet ? x'ing fingers for ya bro.c.

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