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    Question Games lagging without the charger, is it normal?

    So im sitting here with my asus g74sx and im playing a game without problems and i exit the game and pull out the charger because i dont wanna destroy the battery because i know some people says that having the charger in the laptop for too long can damage the battery, dont know if its true tho. Anyway, i start a very small demanding game and it lags like hell, ive tried in all the four modes with the power4gear hybrid program but it still lags like hell. asked my stephdad, he says its not supposed to be like that but i dont trust him so my question is: is it supposed to be like that, that i have to use the charger to play any kind of games or is there some way to fix it? oh and does it hurt the battery to have the charger in all the time when the battery is fully charged?


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