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    G74SX: What are my upgrade limitations?

    I've looked around a bit, but there doesn't seem to be any specific guidelines as to how much I can upgrade my computer, and I tend to hate any method other than going to a source like this and asking people that actually care! No offense to Asus in particular, I've just had bad times in the past with reliability from support for just about everything.

    Anyways, onto my specific question. I have an Asus G74SX, I got it for Christmas last year. I'm really pleased with the stock quality -- it runs fast, and I can play all the games I want at optimal settings with little to no lag.

    However, I'm looking into upgrading my graphics card or replacing the 1st hard drive with an SSD. I just want to know, is this possible? I've looked at videos and other threads on this forum and others saying that there's no way to replace the graphics card because it's welded to the motherboard, which is unfortunate because the 600-series from NVIDIA just came out a few months after I got the computer >:[

    If it's possible in any way, I'd love to know how and how safe it is! Also, if it isn't possible, what CAN I upgrade, and is replacing the primary HDD with an SSD within those limitations?

    Thanks all

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