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    ASUS G75V sound through speakers when headphones are plugged in

    Hi, I noticed when i plug in my headphones into my computer, the headphones work but the speakers do not deactivate. I unplug the headphones and plug them back in, that deactivates the speakers temporarily but after a couple minutes the speakers activate on their own so I have to do it again. so I updated the drivers through that did not fix the issue. i muted the speakers and it mutes the headphones too so, i mute the headphones too and unmute them and the headphones work for a couple minutes and then stop working and i have to do it again. when i unmute the speakers, it all works, but it ALL works, the speakers and the headphones. so I have no real workaround except that i unplug and re-plug the headphones. this gets quite irritating when i am doing skill port cbts at work. i have to do this everytime i change slides. Its not just skillport either. i plug the headphones in so no one hears what i am doing, but when i cant disable the speakers or i have to keep unplugging or muting, it kind of defeats the purpose. please help. thank you.

    btw, I a using windows 7 x64 driver version VIA HD Audio

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    try and post in the notebook forum, i bet they can help you bether there

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