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    Help with G73S Laptop

    I have read on the forums about issues with other laptops and being unable to activate/turn on the backlit function on their models (all the JW or other models). I recently purchased an ASUS G73S laptop from a vendor in CA (Excalibur I believe). When I started up the computer, the backlight worked fine on the keyboard but the ASUS auto update utility started doing its thing and when the computer restarted, the keys would light up on boot but will not function during operation. I have tried cycling through the three buttons at the top left but none of the "Fn+" buttons work. Please help! I also notice when logging on that I get a series of messages that state "Must run on an ASUS machine" and "Can not load KTB kernel" or something to that affect. Thank you.

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    I highly recommend uninstalling the Asus Live Update utility and do updates manually.

    I'm assuming the S model uses the ATK Package, and that probably failed during update. Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Then the Fn-F3/Fn-F4 keys should work again.

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    REPAIR the atkpackage

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    i am having the same problem but i did not quite understand your explanation can you please explain deeper?

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    Into Asus utility program you have a E-drive, open it and reinstall the ATK package.

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    Steve B
    Same problem with the ASUS G73S keyboard backlight not working. Solution is to uninstall the ATK package. In Windows 7, go to the start menu and select the "Computer" option. The folder will display an "Uninstall or change a program" option in the toolbar near the top of the folder, click on it. A list of programs, including the "ATK Package" should appear. Highlight the "ATK Package" program and options will appear above. Select the "Uninstall" option and follow the computer's instructions to uninstall the ATK Package. Once the ATK Package is uninstalled, which will required a restart of the computer, then and only then, go the ASUS website for the G73SW -, select the Windows 7 64-bit OS downloads, wait for the ASUS to present the list of downloads, open the option for "+ ATK" and you will have the option to download the ATK Package from Global, China, P2P. Does not matter which, but I downloaded from Global in about 30 seconds, so good enough. Unzip the files, run setup.exe, choose run, run, etc. and the ATK Package will reinstall. Note: If you downloaded ATK Package from the ASUS site before first uninstalling the malfunctioning ATK Package on your laptop, you might find an extra copy of 409.msi in a temp file somewhere on your computer and which interferes with your ability to reinstall the ATK Package. You should simply delete all versions of the ATK package, the 409.msi, temporary folders for the ATK drivers and then download the ATK Package again. Irritating problem, especially since the tech support at ASUS failed to solve the problem for me and suggested that I send the computer in for a factory reset of everything, yeah, like that's convenient.

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