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    Is this Card really so bad?
    I have no intention to overclock it. I have just one Monitor with 1920x1200.
    I want a 7970 because of their DirectCompute-abilitys and of course the good perfomance in Games too.
    I liked the DC2T because it would fit so well in my system visually. Sorry. ^^

    The System where i wanted to put it in:
    Lian Li V354 / Maximus V Gene / i7 2600K / Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600Mhz / Corsair Force GT 240 GB / WD Black 1TB SataIII / LG BH10LS38 / Noctua NH-U9B SE2 / Enermax Platimax 750W / ASUS PA 248Q

    At the moment there is a GB 560 TI OC i want to put in another Sytem and replace it with the 7970.
    I read about the good performance of the 680s, 670s and even the 660 Tis but came to the conclusion that i would get more for the money regarding my needs with the 7970.

    I build my own Systems for 15 years now but im no expert at all so I am grateful for any advice.

    Thanks for the answers. :*

    I like the Asus DC2 Design. So I wanted this for the this system.
    But it seems that the 670 DC2 is even higher than the 7970 and won't fit beside the PSU in my case.
    The 680 DC2 is simply too expensive with 500 € here. The 7970 DC2T is over 100€ less.

    One of my other systems is made of parts from GB, never got problems with that and their support ist great.
    For example they exchanged a H67MX with the chipset-bug instantly to a Z68MX UD2H and thumped on the fingers of the retailer who wanted to give me a inferior board as exchange. ^^

    But i never made bad experience wit Asus as well. Somewhere here around is a A7N-8X Deluxe with a XP3200+ still running smoothly. :-)
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    Hi mate,

    To be honest Asus 7970 DirectCU II is one the best 7970 I ever use till date. Not for the look (agreed it look good in casing) but the performances are really good with good temperature and silent. There is some problem mostly relateted to driver issue not asus fault.

    If there is a complain about this card, that is taken up 3 slot and the thickness of the backpalte casuing it to have contact with my Noctua D14fan mounting bracket.

    This card will run even better with hotwire connected to the Rampage series motherboard for more OC.

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    I know where Spoony is coming from though, I just got rid of this card after all the headaches and problems. People who have problems are pretty much out of luck when it comes to getting back a functional card from an RMA. I was able to side-step that with an in-store warranty, but these cards seem to be hit-or-miss and I've read about more problems than not.

    It's the RMA experience that wrecks the whole thing for me. If the manufacturer can't replace a card with a functioning one as per the point of a warranty, it's a waste of money, time and heartache.
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