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    Quote Originally Posted by Praz View Post
    These setting should be good to 5.0GHZ - 5.1GHz.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raja@ASUS View Post
    Optimized or Manual should do it - I can't quite remember the options off the top of my head in the Manual sub-section, but one of the more aggressive options in there should suffice.

    Thanks guys. I stuck with the optimized and as I mentioned already it is very stable at 1.38V now @ 4.8. I chose manual voltage instead of offset because I felt there is way too much range between min and max in the offset. Without offsetting anything +/- it did dip down to 1.1x range at idle but it did spike well into the 1.5x range (even saw a 1.61 once) which doesn't sit well with me. I wish there was a way to control the range as well. When I set a - offset I think it was too low because a couple of times I had problems booting.

    Seeing is I have run several benchmark programs to check stability with 4.8 @ 1.38 and have yet to have a single problem, I don't see any benefit in the offset going above 1.4 much less close to 1.6. I can see this being beneficial for a lower OC though.

    As for the 5.1 setup, thank you! That works just as well but I needed to jump to 1.45V for this to work. I am satisfied now knowing I can hit 5.1 and gotten more familiar with all the settings which is what I wanted in the first place. 4.8 is perfect for everyday multi-tasking over the stock 3.4.

    One thing I have noticed is with my current setup at 4.8 I am using 112-117 watts at idle whereas I was using in the 120 range with all defaults. That's not what surprises me, what does surprise me is the default 4.6 OC uses 160 watts at idle yet an extreme auto tune that hits 4.6 only uses 120-130. Not sure which settings are changed from default to auto tune that would make auto tune run more efficient. Just something I noted in case anybody else is reading this.

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