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    G75vw not charging/fn keys not working

    I was excited when I received my new G75. Although, after using this laptop for a week I've discovered a few disturbing issues:

    #1- Not charging. Moving the cursor over the battery icon it states: 0% available (plugged in, not charging). Ive left the laptop on while plugged in and still no results.

    #2- The fn keys don't work. My first time attempting to adjust the sound or the lighting for the key board was unsuccessful. I've still yet to find any fn+ combination that works.

    #3- Lighting on keyboard randomly dies. Now, I've just discovered this issue the passed 2 days. While constantly using the laptop the back lighting will randomly stop. I'm not sure if the problem is a result of either #1 or #2.

    I appreciate everyone taking the time to help me with these silly techno issues... We can put a man on the moon, develop powerful satellites capable of peaking into the center of our galaxy, but when I spend $1,500 on the latest and greatest laptop it doesn't work -__-

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    Perform an ASUS Factory Restore by pressing F9 at the ASUS splash screen. Choose to "Recover Windows to the 1st Partition". This will overwrite your C: drive, so backup any important files you've stored there first. If the ASUS Factory Restore fails to resolve your issues, I recommend taking advantage of your retailer's exchange/return policy and exchange your defective G75 for a new one.

    Don't let anyone talk you into an RMA for ASUS Warranty Repair. Let the retailer and ASUS sort out the defective laptop. When you purchase a new laptop, it should work correctly right out of the box.
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    I believe there is also A Fn key that disables the Fn keys from Working you may have inadvertently disabled it. I don't have my laptop here so I can't test if I'm right.

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