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    Zy .. As pointed out by Scott, at the time of the OPposting .. the Unit in questions had already been shipped.
    'We' cheerfully await the OPster's review of the Returned Unit.

    I think this is very healthy.
    We are getting to know Mr. Billings .. love the AppleStories .. hahahhaa .. ROG is growing on him.
    Gorman is driving home some very important points. (Rightfully in manyways so.) (Hows that powerpin hold'n up 'this' time Gman?)
    Just good healthful banter among Enthusiastic Enthusiasts.
    Myself? I continue to point out .. if 'those' techs dont Love the ROG -- they 'need' a 'new' job.
    I'd love to give them that opportunity to find it .. and gleefully point to the door >>> over there >>>

    The 'new' girl .. if I am correct is also a 'new' 'CL' .. from Dell .. together with Mr.Billings they
    are TeamDellApple ... hahahahhaha ... JOKE ... hahhahaa .. best to both of them. hahhahaa
    (Im all for sending 'him' over there to bust ROGs .. no more excuses, no more prisoners.)
    (or give them (the 'techs') 30days .. and then fly in theGman .. hehe. explain it to him. good luck.)

    As to you Sir, Cudos, as Always.c.
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