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    I use Linux 24/7 on my G74 (the Debian testing distro) and have gotten most of the G74's functions (keyboard backlight, volume, screen brightness, etc) to work, but strangely the fn-F keycombos to control these things only work when GDM is loaded and I haven't logged in yet to start X. Once I log in and run a Window Manager it seems, all the key combos stop working. I have learned to set everything up how I like it upon GDM startup so its not a terrible loss.

    Also using Linux has somewhat solved the NUMLOCK woes on the G74: strangely the system boots with the NUMLOCK state off (i.e. the numpad behaves like Home/PgUp/PgDown/Insert, Del,End). I can toggle the NUMLOCK on using the CAPSLOCK key (weird, eh?). But it does show that the NUMLOCK problem is completely and easily fixed: we just need ASUS to release a BIOS that remaps the NUMLOCK to the (useless) calculator key.

    Anyhow, to get all this functionality I use the pre-compiled Kernel 3.2 from the Debian Testing distro. This kernel has the common ASUS key controls turned on. I also use the NVIDIA Linux drivers version 295.40. You'll need to have the the full kernel source and in particular the kernel headers installed to install the NVIDIA driver, as it compiles using these headers.
    I just couldn't get Ubuntu to recognize the video card. I've tried the threads people posted on other website about the issue but it still didn't work out. So if you don't mind, please guide me through the steps. All the function keys worked fine when I had Ubuntu installed. It's just the brightness didn't change; it wouldn't lower the light.

    Btw, does G74 last longer on Linux? I had Ubuntu installed on my other laptop and it gives me more battery life, that's why I wonder if it does the same thing on G74.

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