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    Asus G74Sx Backpack!

    I know there are a few threads about the backpack, but they didn't seem to talk about the backpack I wanted to get. So I looked at Asus eStore and found this Asus ROG G73 Backpack. I wonder if G74 would fit into this backpack. If you have used G73 before and currently use (or have used) G74, are the dimension of these two laptop different so much?

    I have ordered two laptop cases and neither of them fit the laptop so I had to return them and got charged for $30 total. That's why I don't want to order it and end up returning it for the third times. I tried to contact the Asus store but then they closed. I desperately need a backpack for it.

    FYI, I don't like those too big backpack like this one ( I just want the one that fit nicely and not too loose.

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