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    Best bag I've ever owned; Everki Titan. I've had this bag in Afghanistan, Germany, Norway, all over the US and all the flights in-between. I can fit my laptop AND a couple days worth of underwear and deodorant. It's not huge like you think, and it's completely adjustable like a hiking backpack.

    I definitely recommend checking it out.

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    I had to get this for my G53SX.
    It has worked great for almost a year and well padded. My backpack has been dropped, sat on, tossed, and been on my back and still keeps the laptop safe and secure. No rips or tears, either. It says "Up to 17 inch laptop", but it fit my 15.4" laptop perfectly.. so you'll need one specifically for that laptop or find a backpack that can handle up to an 18+ inch laptop due to thickness.

    So far, I have my laptop and netbook in the same compartment, books in one, external BD-RE drive in the front, and a handful of external HDDs in the middle. In the sides, I have several thumbdrives and pens/pencils in the top pocket. It weighs about as much as my 6 year old (~50-60 pounds).
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