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    [WORKLOG] Conceptmod by ying

    Hello everyone!

    My name is yinghao, nickname ying and this is my project. A lot of people asked me what means the chinese character in most of my custom designs and parts and the response is that it's my name: 颖 (pronunced as "ying") :


    I would like to give a big thanks to Ricardo from Coldzero (

    Coldzero will cut with laser all my designs and to ProfesionalReview (

    A spanish review web and who will give to me some surprise items

    And Corsair:


    -Intel i7 920 D0 @ 4.2 GHz

    -Asus Rampage III Extreme

    -2 way SLI: Point Of View GTX 480 + EVGA GTX 480

    -Corsair Dominator Airflow II 6Gb (3x2048) PC3-15000(1866Mhz) - CL9

    -Corsair HX850

    -Crucial m4 SSD 256gb

    Watercooling stuff:

    -DT Sniper with custom engraving

    -Aquacomputer Aquagrafx gtx 480 nickel (x2)

    -Ek-FB RE3 - Acetal+Nickel

    -Black Ice SR1 480

    -Black Ice SR1 240

    -Swiftech mcp 655 (x2) + Ek D5 dual top (single loop) White Acetal

    -TFC Compression fittings 13/19

    -TFC Connector Fill/Drain Port

    -Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition (x8)

    -Scythe gente typhoon 3000rpm (x2)

    -Ek RAM Dominator EN nickel + acrylic.

    -4x120mm Fan Radiator Shroud, Black

    Reinvent myself!

    Next Post: Case Design.

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