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    Any luck installing an internal SSD onto the mPCIE card for the Maximux V Formula?

    One of the reasons I spec'd this board because it had the mPCIE SSD option, however, now that I've started building this project, I find that there appears that there is not enough room between the I/O shield and the water/air block over the MOSFET to allow the mPCIE holder to fit back onto it's connector. This is because the tail of the SSD (like this: is too long for the space and makes contact with the block before the mPCIE card fits onto its pins.

    Am I right that using an internal SSD in the mPCIE will not work or am I being too gentle/scared in trying to "fit" this all together? How'd you do it?


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    Have mentioned in the manual: The mPCIe combo supports full-sized and hald-sized mSATA modules.The suggested size are from 50.8mm x 30mm to 26.8mm x 30mm.

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