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    TeamROG Moderator Array xeromist PC Specs
    xeromist PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Dell Inspiron 15 7567
    MotherboardMSI x470 Gaming Plus
    ProcessorAMD 2600X
    Memory (part number)16GB Crucial Ballistix Elite 3600
    Graphics Card #1ASUS GTX 1080 Strix
    MonitorBenQ BL3200PT
    Storage #1Intel 600p NVMe
    CPU CoolerWraith
    Casecustom Antec 900
    Power SupplyCorsair HX1000
    Keyboard Logitech Orion Spark
    Mouse Logitech MX500
    Headset Plantronics 777 with Oregon Aero upgrade
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    Mainly you'll see people shying from OC software because it is often harder to tweak an active system (depends on software) and generally even inexperienced overclockers are more intelligent than a piece of software. The software is getting better I suppose but I don't think it measures up to someone who does a little bit of research on overclocking their platform.

    What you may find is a good approach is to start making small changes in the software until you find the practical limit there and then move to the BIOS to see if you can get higher clocks or lower voltages. It will give you a chance to get a feel for your system with a little bit of help before you go deeper.

    BTW, these days you would have a very hard time "blowing up" a system because there are safeties built in. The key is to make small changes so that you can find sweet spots. Making large changes or changing more than one thing at a time will leave you guessing at exactly where the sweet spot is.
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    Thanks for the advice xeromist. I did some more research and finally found some good videos on BIOS settings. Here's what I'm at for now. (Too hot for my liking, still trying to figure out the whole voltage thing.)
    i5 4670k Cooled by stock fan for now OC'ed to 4.2 stable.
    Asus Z87 Plus Mobo
    Corsair Dominator 2x2GB DDR3-1600 + Kingston Hyper X Blue 2x4gb DDR-1600
    Asus Radeon HD EAH5850
    500gb + 1TB WD HDD's
    Crucial 64gb SSD
    Corsair 300R Windowed case w/ 2 additional intake fans
    Coolmax 700w

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    Six Foot Ginger
    wow that is hot, shoot for something allot bit less crazy on that part maybe 3.6 or as fast as you can make it without a voltage bump

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdeath View Post
    BTW here is a pic of my setup to give you an idea of my cooling situation, just above the CPU are 2 x 140mm fans pulling air straight out the top of my case. There is another at the front of the case.

    Ya that cooler is no good in that case at 4.0. The setup we(ginger and I) had with that cooler at 4.0 was no good unless I lade the Pc on it's side. ?? Even then all I could get was 3.8 and it was pushing 85c. So I would take Raja advice but don't buy H50. Garbage!!
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    Six Foot Ginger
    agree with Junkie buy a newer high end water cooler.

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    Mar 2010

    I have been looking at an H100 and it should be more than capable of holding a 4GHz Overclock.

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