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    A new ROG Team on HWBOT

    Hello fellow ROGers,

    There is no question about it, the ROG Forum is the best! As I understood, it was created to be a support Forum, but over time a great community has formed here. Now an idea came up...

    Lately more and more ROG Forum members are posting very good benchmark results... some of us already signed up on HWBOT for submitting our results... - so, the idea is, why not create our team?! And show people that the ROG community is good in benching too!

    I've been discussing with X Pack (one of our great fellows, who already has experience on HWBOT), we got green light from MarshallR... - so here we are!

    Let's create a new team on HWBOT! Membership of ROGers is welcome! Whoever is part of the ROG Forum Family can join this new team... benching (using benchmark application) is required, hardware doesn't matter...

    So, who is with us? Let's get some fellow ROGers join this idea, then we can create the Team on HWBOT, then ROG'N'ROLL!

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