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    My god V2-V3 :P if Z5500 are the best sound you ever have we should show you some little thing up:P the sound is good for sure but the sub is like 2 time to big to match with the sat. I work alot with muscian and they have all the same concern about it. If only the kit was a bit more balanced it could be the best computer kit for sure.

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    I'm still using my good old Logitech Z-5500's. It's one of the few things I've never felt the need to upgrade. I also alternate between a pair of G35 and JVC H-RX900 cans. I don't find the need for anything truly audiophile, which makes things a little cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fcma172 View Post
    For a headset I use a Steel Series 5HV2. It may not have excellent frequency response along the entire spectrum since they're gaming tuned but if you wear em for a while you don't notice anymore. For gaming they are amazing, and pair very well with my ASUS Xonar DX PCI-E model sound card. I use Smart Volume and always hear what I need to no matter how many things are going at once.

    Also, the fact that I can disassemble the 5HV2 is a big plus for whenever I have to travel with it.
    Yeah, I love the 5Hv2 for LAN parties. They are an essential part of my LAN bag.

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