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    Quote Originally Posted by Raja@ASUS View Post
    I am not sure Ben knows yet. He's usually resistant to change. For example, he insists on writing his name as benching instead of Ben Ching. I have told him multiple times the change would do him good...

    The logic for change of most things (including windows) is quite simple. Maybe a scenario we can all relate to will help:

    Are your underpants dirty? Yes! Then change them.

    Are your underpants dirty? No! You should still change them because you have been wearing them for more than 24 hours.

    So, as you can all see, we should update Windows as we have been using it for a while.

    Ordinarily, I'd close a thread at this point and mark it [solved], possibly even issue a couple of bans in the process. But, I am curious to see how many of you change things regularly so we shall leave it open.
    I'll have to send you a copy of a Car Talk podcast from a few months ago. One of the hosts was saying how if you just showered in your underwear, you never had to wash them. You just couldn't get dressed for about 4 hours. Maybe this could be a whole new marketing opportunity for makers of edible underwear. Cuts down on laundry, you don't change so much as replace, and it's a convenient snack to boot! And the producers will love it, because if people are eating their underwear, they need to keep buying more. Can we say "revenue stream" boys and girls?

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