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  • I will definitely be upgrading to Z68

    37 40.66%
  • I'm interested in Z68 but I'm waiting to see what it's like

    23 25.27%
  • I don't overclock

    2 2.20%
  • I prefer P67

    5 5.49%
  • X58 and Gulftown FTW! I prefer 6-core support

    6 6.59%
  • Waiting for AMD's upcoming

    14 15.38%
  • Undecided

    4 4.40%
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    I left ASUS, please contact cl-scott Array
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    ASUS Z68 Motherboard Poll

    Hello fellow ASUSROG members.

    With the recent introduction of Intel's new Z68 chipset, we would like to gauge your overall reaction. I know a lot of you have had the chance to check out some of the P67 boards out there. For those of you who have spent some time with our P8P67 series boards, do you feel that its strong foundation and feature set including overclocking, SLI, dual slot spacing, USB 3.0, etc., are there reasons that you might consider a Z68 board?

    For those of you interested in using an SSD, is it a must that you get the full maximum performance of the drive or are you interested in using SSD Caching or what Intel calls it, Smart Response Technology? Intel SRT allows you to combine a fast SSD with a slower (but higher capacity) mechanical HDD into one logical drive and receive the benefits of the drive performing much faster than an HDD but still having the storage capacity of the HDD.

    Feel free to comment on the Z68 chipset and the features it offers and let us know why you are or why you aren't inclined to upgrade to Z68 if you are planning to upgrade your build. Thanks!~

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    Six Foot Ginger
    I will be upgrading for sure, I currently have two Larson creek drives on there way to me for testing with Z68.

    can't wait to get them.

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    I would like to upgrade, but that leaves me sitting on a Maximus IV Extreme. I should have waited, I would sure like to play with Smart Response as it seems to be an easy solution to using SSDs with minimal effort or user interaction.

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    I ordered my Z68V Pro Last night
    Mountain Mods U2-UFO ASUS X79 Rampage IV Formula Windows 7 64 bit
    Corsair Hydroseries H80 and 16 gigs Geil EVO Corsa DDR3 1866
    1x Corsair Force 3 240 gig and 1x Corsair Force 3 180 gig SATA 3 SSD,
    1x500gig Seagate Momentus XT SATA 2
    1x 2 Terabyte Hitachi HD SATA 3
    LG Blue Ray Burner Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Mouse NZXT Hale90 850
    ASUS 670 GTX Direct CU II

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    asus really needs a step up program. I hate buying things late cause they are out of stock or working out bugs and then like a month later a new board is released or a new gpu ect. for the same price...

    I am rmaing a broke board asus is trying to charge me 120$ for hopefully newegg is giving me a replacement even though its past 30 days, but cmon seriously???

    20$ more for a new board the same as the p8p67 pro that all these mobos should have had in the first place, honestly... i hate seeing this every time, maybe im just mad but these things should have been with the 1st p67 boards... now its too late to even bother wanting one of these because i wont get jack squat if i sold my BRAND NEW p8p67 pro board in order to buy a board with the main functions i wanted in the first place.

    Im just dissapointed with everyone for the p67 board series because all they are doing is just using us for marketing,1 month p67 boards came out, Then they werent available for about 2 months or so, and then 1 month not even later a new board is released after they just fixed the 1st generation boards.

    Honestly we aint rich!!!! lol

    btw Asus, this isnt targeted at you, its everyone just because of my frustration, just all this juggling and what not flipped a switch in me to rant.

    I love asus, just peeved lately.

    There should be a poll tab included saying I will not be upgrading, these should have been in the first board series.

    because honestly it should have...

    Honestly just dont mind my ranting im really peeved lately as i said so tis expected XD or its just i dont have the money to upgrade to something that should have had on other boards earlier every month to stay updated. cash is stupid tight where i live and no jobs so its hard... but i do wish i could even have a ssd to actually enjoy this (faster gaming) people say. but with the p8p67 pro i cant fork out 60$ for a ssd and use my 1tb 7200rpm hdd to get the boost from ssd with this new boards function. im a sad angry man zzzzz i need sleep hah

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    cody, thats how the industry is. if we dont continue to innovate, we would still be in the stone age. the fact of the matter is, technology will only grow faster and you should just accept and be happy with the purchase you have now. there will be technology advances every 3 months or less.

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    yea i know but think of it like this for people who had to deal with waiting for the boards to come back in stock after the b3 came out finally, a month later we got the z68 now id love to fork out 200$ but i cant save that much for about 6 months alone... lol i really wanted that RST for the old Hdd's that lone to me is worth the 20$ extra.

    I just wish i had a better job tbh i need to get out of this state so i can actually afford things when i want them and not years from now.

    Anyone want to fly me and make me their personal lacky? =)

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    Waiting for my 2600K #2 to arrive before pulling the trigger on M4G-Z for my file/media server.

    And waiting for Maximus IV Formula Z or maybe future Rampage IV in ATX form factor before I dispose my P8P67 Pro B3.0.

    ASUS should really learn the lessen from Apple. Having more SKU running the same thing with slightly different features just doesn't make much sense. It increases the support costs exponentially and decrease the support quality at the same rate.
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    Core i7-2600K @ 4.3 GHz @ 1.30V | ASUS P8P67 Pro | Sparkle GTX 560 Ti | G.Skill Ripjaw X F3-12800CL8 4x4GB @ 933MHz 9-10-9-24 2T | Crucial C300 128GB | Seasonic X750 Gold | Antec P183

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    I'm doing a lot of VM with my build so I prefer a 6 cores Gulftown, I'm expecting a lot from Ivy in this regard, AMD promise us stuff, we will see. As for SB; P67 give me what I need, this SSD caching and Lucid, I just don't need them. But I must say that I ordered a Gene Z last Friday it's so a dam good value for the price, but I will prefer a Formula to fill all the space in my case. It's 25 years that I'm using Asus exclusively in my small computer shop, some boards have few glitch but they are Dam reliable, my customers build see the end of their useful life before their Asus board die.

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