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    "Intel Management Engine" / "Intel Active Management Technology" ! ?

    Hi folks,

    does anybody know, how I can completely disable (on RIVE) this mysterious Intel Management Engine chip ?

    Based on my knowledge, and the articles I've read so far (there is not so much of information to be found) Intel AMT is to remotely control, repair and maintain your computer. This works also if your computer is turned off. Initially it was only part of enterprise solutions and computers. But nowadays it's on most or every Intel chipset-based board ... WTF ? Why ? I've read this chip isn't the cheapest ($25). Why would a motherboard manufacturer integrate this kind of chip on a gamer or desktop board ? Or has Intel made it impossible to get a chipset without this AMT ?

    The strange thing is, it doesn't matter if your BIOS let's you disable this chip. Windows is in any case showing it in the device manager. Based on my readings, this communication device is enabled all the time. And if a network cable is connected somebody could theoretically control/observe your computer 24/7 also if it's turned off.

    And there is more: This technology makes it possible to have some kind of "sub-layer" under the OS, which means the OS can't detect any communication or other activities which are happening between your UEFI BIOS, AMT chip, network adapter.

    Besides these mysterious facts the AMT chip also allocates an interrupt (shared with a PCIe slot) and puts a (hopefully only standby) strain on the system bus.

    I REALLY DON'T NEED AMT, because I for myself want full control of my computer and additionally I'm running out of interrupts.

    Does anybody know more about this issue?

    Is it possible to modify the BIOS and "cut" the connections to this Intel Management Engine chip ?
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