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    @AzraelsKiss, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gicrose View Post
    you guys are really a unique group, I avoid forums because people are stupid and really dont answer the question, if you read the post the new thunderbolt from ASUS with G75 the newest release would include widows 8. AND FOR THE RECORD windows 8 pro has ben out since 8/17/2012 FINAL build (shelf product) I am a member of action pack with microsoft and this is not the review one, its the complete OEM windoes 8 pro, so saying stupid stuff like little common sense would help, is about as usless as your time you took to respond.

    Also there is already several PC with windows 8 sitting at costco that came with it installed, and they are holding back. Its not crazt to assume this one would actually come with it, but as was pointed out.. I could care less as i already have it. i was making a simple point based on what i read several places and from the support staff chat...

    Now i apprecaite you saying max is those 2 processors, but then again thats the same as me upgrading my g73 to the 920xm, that i have also right? and it posts and uses 32gb ram no problem. The only problem is the charging, which i beleive it caused by a faulty battery frm the factory. No need to flame or go off on on differnt paths which to not address the issue.

    I purchased it from xotic PC.. and if you notice on thier website its a SPEC build they offer and YES this procesor and ram combo does work. A business partner of mine has one from 3 months ago without thunderbolt, that works GREAT!... this is why i had mine ordered. In my lifetime ive never once ordered a custom PC i did it all myself. This was a first, and a LAST

    so back to the point... Ill contact XOTIC PC.. and tel them they better get me a new battery, and because I want to let everyone know, ill come back and let you know if that was the issue. I do not need replys saying stupid stuff because WHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW, doesnt mean something isnt TRUE or in this case released.. Google "action pack release win 8"

    The others, I apprecaite your feedback and will report back..other than having to keep it plugged it it IS VERY fast and am more than happy with it.

    Have a GREAT NIGHT...

    "Knowledge is power, Presentation is KEY!" -Charlie Rose

    You may think you know but when you come off like a tool box, it doesnt help. Have nothing to say that will address ones concern move on and save your remarks.
    The new G75 with Thunderbolt is the G75VX. It will be released on Windows 8 launch date at 26th. There are some G55s with Thunderbolt in the market but more should be released on 26th also with Win8 installed. Whether other companies are selling or not is not our concern I'm afraid as we strictly abide by Microsoft NDAs. If your retailer did not give you a discount upgrade voucher (was it advertised prior to purchase?), please contact them immediately. Despite your objections and experiences, which I can see why you feel this way, the ROG members were correct in their statements.

    You can upgrade the machines with the hardware as it conforms to Intel specifications, but as I said, ROG does not test and qualify them in its design. Any misbehavior is not something ASUS ROG can control; essentially Xotic is overclocking our hardware design, which like any OC might work perfectly without issue, or, might not. Whether there was an excessive power demand by the CPU which has damaged the battery or recharging internals or whether it's a simply fault with the battery alone I cannot say. Hopefully it can be rectified by a simple battery replacement by the retailer.

    I hope this is clear from our perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzraelsKiss View Post
    "Finally, the date the rest of the world is waiting for is October 26th. That's when Microsoft will allow regular consumers to purchase desktops, laptops and tablets with either Windows 8 or Windows RT pre-installed" from

    "Pre-order: This PC is scheduled to be released on October 26, 2012. Place your advanced order now." from the only system listed on as coming preinstalled with Win8.

    Win8 was RTM months ago... True. MSDN, TechNet, MAPS, DreamSpark, and Volume Licensing members can download the RTM version now... True. Win8 is available for purchase by regular customers on preinstalled systems... Flase. Perhaps you should follow your own advice and not post unless you know the full story.

    Oh... btw... "$150 ASUS Mail in Rebate + Windows 8 FREE UPGRADE - [Upgrade & Mail in Rebate through ASUS]" from

    Operating System
    Standard OS: Genuine Windows 7® Home Premium 64-Bit
    yeahhh REP +1
    G75VW-BBK5 Windows 8 Pro 1TB HDD, 180GB Corsair Force GT Sata3 SSD, 16GB DDR3, GeForce GTX 660M, Intel i-7 3610-QM 2.3Ghz Turboboost to 3.3Ghz

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    Ok so I got my replacement battery from xotic pc, plugged it in it had 88% juice left it plugged in and again no charge.. So I let it drain to 0% then plugged it in for 4 hours and nothing still stuck at 0% so laptops going back getting my money back and will try again at a later date. Just wanted to update everyone.

    It was not battery and was not the charger itself in fact the batteries worked in another G75, and charger worked on another G75 as well so seems its the charging circuit or cap or something anyways sending back my g75 ds73-3D. With 3940xm and 32gb ram with 670m

    Oh we'll wish it was just a battery.

    Thanks - see ya gonna try again soon

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    hi gicrose, welcome back and thanks for the update i think xoticpc should be able to fix the charging circuit. good luck.

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