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    Help my Graphic Card gets 97 Celsius when I start Dishonerd or Skyrim on High Grapics and than my G75V just shuts down. I cleaned the inside and everiphing. My screen is broken so I use an external. the fans on 100.0% . I got 3D Marks 11 and made a test on 720p and nothing hapend the gpu got 90 celsius.
    Please Help
    ps I updated the graphic driver.

    Thanks alredy MultiGab 2000

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    are you playing with the laptop on a surface that dont allow air into the laptop?
    the shuts down are thermal shutdowns and it will happen if it gets to 97 in fumark took.
    has your card always been running that hot? if it has, and you dont want to ship it of for repairs then repaste thermal compound on your own.

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    Bringing this thread back from the dead. This thread opened up my eyes in seeing that my temps were waaaay to high.

    I was easily getting 85c in furmark after 5 minutes...going higher to 95+c before 15min.
    I maned up and cracked open my G75vw to repaste cpu and gpu along with putting in the intel 7620ac.

    After repaste (i know its kindof soon to see proper temps, right?) after 15 min in furmark i was stabalizing at 85c nothing higher than that, and dropping to a cool 45C
    Was my paste job subpar? Ive never done this before yet alone open a laptop up in this fashion.
    Please let me know thanks. I love this forum and wish i had known about it when i first bought this beast

    PS I also have been having random shutdowns and hibernate after the install of the 7620 and repaste. I dont know what to think of what is causing this. If anyone can provide insight thank you so much
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    FWIW after my fan assembly on G55 was replaced my 660M temps went down to the mid-to-high 70s instead of 80+... CPU still is 95degC when OC'ed, but that is another topic altogether

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