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    Quote Originally Posted by oldbrave View Post
    Thanks for the heads up on the glitch, link has be corrected!
    Thanks. :P Just one question, this would work on my ASUS 7970 DC2T card right?

    EDIT: It worked, but you can old tweak voltages. Is there a version of GPU Tweak that you can change the clocks higher? Or a different BIOS?
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    I'm beginning to think that all retail 7970 DC2T cards except for the ones that went out to the reviewers have the core and memory speeds capped by the bios. My card is the same as your's, it tops out at 1125 Mhz core and 1575 Mhz memory and the voltage tops out at 1.170v.
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    Ok tested with Matrix bios flashed 7970 Top, voltage still locked at 1.256V. I did check from GPU-Z, Nothing changed.

    my card stabil at 1180Mhz with 1.256V (1.256 is default voltage for matrix I think. My voltage was before 1.175)
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    My 2 weeks old DCU2 Top works great with that version of gpu tweak. 1400mV, on GPU.

    No problem playing BF3 for a couple of hours @1250/1600Mhz. No bios flash nothing. I'll be pushing the limits and se where I end up, I think 1,3Ghz bench-stable is quite possible. And I havent even tried VGA hotwire yet, that will surely help getting 1300Mhz rock stable.

    Looks like this will keep up with my matrix after all ..

    The trick for me was uninstalling previous drivers properly using atiman uninstaller.

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