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    CG8565 How to remove video card to access SATA ports

    Hi guys,
    in CG8565, but i bet in all the ROG CG models using the same case, the video card (mine is a full size GTX590) has a metal bracket at the extremity (close to the disks cage) that is stuck on the back of the case to provide some additional support to the card.

    The problem is that the bracket makes impossible to use the additional empty SATA ports located next to the 6 already used ones. The ports themselves seem to be unobstructed and could be used but due to the bracket there is no room left to manage to plug in the SATA cable.

    Now the issue is I couldn't find so far any way to remove the bracket (or the video card) to connect SATA cables before replugging the card.

    I can unscrew the video card, unlock the latch of the bus connector and unplug the card from the bus quite easily but then the bracket remains connected to the case and there is no way (at least I found none) to set it free.

    The bracket itself is screwed to the card with some 3 or 4 screws but the location makes it practically impossible to unscrew them without removing the disks cage.

    This setup could be a problem even for a future video card upgrade.

    I am quite puzzled by this setup 'cos overall the machine and case seem to be quite "serviceable friendly" ad most ASUS products (I have disassembled and fixed a good amount of ASUS laptops quite easily), only this bracket on the video card looks quite "user unfriendly".

    Has anyone managed to solve the issue, or any guru at ASUS can help me with this?

    Thanks in advance

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