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    Project - First Blood !!

    Hi all,

    My name is Mat and I'm new around these parts !! About 8 or so weeks ago I decided it was time
    to build a new gaming PC and started researching..

    I had not built a "latest tech" PC in about 3-4 years so things were very different!! all I knew was I
    wanted a good setup, not "top of the line" but up there, Had to be good for gaming, Be watercooled
    and that I had a budget of around $2500aus to complete it.......

    This is what I've come up with... All parts are either here or are on there way and should be here in
    the next 3 or 4 days...

    CASE : Corsair Graphite Series 600T in White
    M/B : ASUS Maximus V Formula / ThunderFX Version
    CPU : Intel Quad Core I7-3770k LGA1155
    MEMORY : 16GB of 2133Mhz DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws X in Red
    SSD : OCZ Agility 3 240GB
    HDD : Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB
    GPU's : 2 x reference XFX Radeon HD5770's in crossfire (already owned these)
    PSU : A-Power Platinum 1200watt (already had this too)
    CABLES : 24, 8 an 2x6 pin Kobra extension cables

    CPU BLOCK : XSPC Raystorm with Red LED's
    RAD 1 : Alphacool NexXxos ST30 all copper 360x30mm
    RAD 2 : Alphacool NexXxos UT60 all copper 240x60mm
    PUMP : Koolance PMP-450 (D5)
    PUMP MOD : Bitspower Red mod kit (pump case/heat sink)
    PUMP TOP : Bitspower Black D5 mod top V2 (POM Version)
    RES : Clear single D5 top upgrade 150 kit with Red LED's
    TUBING : PrimoFlex PRO LRT, Clear
    FITTINGS : Bitspower carbon Black stop plugs, 30mm extenders
    ....................EK Black 90deg rotarys,
    ....................Enzotech Black 10mm extender,
    ....................Monsoon FC Red compression fittings
    ....................Red Elite clamps for the VRM Water block
    FANS : 8 x 120mm XSPC 2000rpm 73cfm
    COOLANT : Mayhems pastel ice White
    MISC PARTS : Bitspower anti cyclone fitting, Bitspower Red LED Stop plug, Bitspower clear res
    top with 3 x G1/4 holes to replace the stock res top with 1 G1/4 hole, parts for fill port in top of case,
    temp sensor for ambient temp,

    Corsair AX1200i PSU.
    Newer graphix card / cards.
    Waterblock for the above card /cards
    White LED Strip lighting.
    Complete perspex side panel.


    First up was getting hold of the case I wanted. I'd seen the 600T in a few blog builds and on
    YouTube builds and knew I had to have one!!! I buy all my PC hardware from
    and have done for years... They seem to be about the cheapest place around and are semi
    local to me (use to work near the Parramatta store and lived near the Penrith store. I now live
    about 2hours away but its still worth it)

    So about 2-3 weeks ago I drove to there Penrith store and picked up the Case, Intel CPU,
    OCZ SSD and the W/D HDD and at the same time placed the order for the Asus MVF M/B
    and the G.Skill memory. Once home I also placed the orders for the watercoolong gear..
    I placed an order for the main parts with in the States as they
    had all I wanted and it was also cheaper to get the gear from them then it was from here even
    with the crazy delivery cost !! and an order with and both here in OZ for the smaller parts.. Thanks to all you guys for your
    help in getting the required parts for me... Much appreciated !!

    So anyways on with the build ...

    Pix and info on the case mods to come...

    P.S. If you have any ideas what I should call the thing let me know !!!!

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