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    Quote Originally Posted by RonanC View Post
    how about a access only sub forum only to verified supreme oc members ?
    I have a problem with those secret sub sections, the scream exclusion. And those that know me will understand how hard we have worked on ROG to make ROG an inclusive community. I want all to enjoy our banter, our chats about tweaks, our laughs and even our tears when stuff goes wrong. All ROG, and that way maybe more guys will want to bench with us. Now if it only for people on the benching team then that means I have to be out of the picture too. I do not bench for you guys. And that would be sad for me.

    So if I was asked I would say 10 our of 10 times no secret private sections. Each and every one I have been part of has led to tears down the line.

    My 2 cents.
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