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    Asus G53JW 2nd Hard Drive Caddy Screws

    Does anyone know what size screw the hard drive caddy requires? I got the hard drive caddy from the ASUS estore, but came with no screws. Is it M3x3mm?

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    Me too

    I just got mine in today, paid 22.50 plus like 9 dollars shipping for a flimsy piece of metal, and then it came without the screws. I can't believe they wouldn't ship the screws. I really thought that that empty bay would come with a caddy considering that 99.9% of people buying this would put another HDD in the slot. Really ticks me off. I have no idea where to find any screws and my caddy is useless until I do. Thanks Asus, thanks alot.

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    Koolguy & Kinglouieb, I ran in to this as well with the G73Jh drive caddy for both the 2.5mmx5mm and 3mmx3mm screws, I called every Staples/Radio Shack/PC Specialty Store/Best Buy/Hardware Store/etc within a 50 minute drive of my house and NO One carried screws that small. I wound up emailing the estore support with my order number and they shipped the screws out to me free of charge, you guys should give it a try, you may be able to get them from the estore that way as well.

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