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    G75VW, Windows 8 and power management issues?

    I seem to be having some problems regarding processor state and power management on my G75VW running windows 8.
    The CPU state throttling simply just will not work at times.

    It will end up being stuck on the lowest allowed state even while "plugged" in no matter what programs I use.
    Which in my case is 1GHz instead of 3GHz at full power, so you can only imagine what it does to any games I want to play.

    Ive tried using both the Win 7 and Win 8 version of Asus Power4Gear Hybrid, as well as none of them at all, and the problem still seems to manifest itself randomly.

    Anyone experience anything similar or know of a solution?

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    Happen this problem,Did you used on AC mode? or battery mode?
    What's version bios are you using?

    Could you please help to check the G75VW have upgrade the latest version 221?

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