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    Corsair K60 has no Blacklighting, only their K90 has the Blue LED lighting.

    If your going with the blue lighting I would only recommend either the Razer Widow or the Corsair K90 as their build qualities are up there. Though I think the Corsair K90 is better built as it has a chunk of Aluminum as the base plate for where the keys are. This is assuming you still want a Mechanical Keyboard with Blue back lighting.

    The only Logitech Mechanical keyboard is the G710+ and that only has WHITE LED back lighting.

    I'm not sure if you'll get used to Mechanical keyboards but for gaming, I don't think I would like all that clicking it makes. It would annoy the crap out of me. I've always loved the G15 as my keyboard of choice by Logitech, but I've just recently upgraded to the G510 for the custom lighting to RED as the G15 was only Blue. These keyboards aren't mechanical btw, I find the keys on the G510 to be slightly smaller than the G15, at least it feels that way, maybe I'm just not used to it yet.

    I haven't played around with the G710+ but I'm sure it'll be the only mechanical keyboard I may like as it's suppose to not click anywhere near as loud as others do. But only issue with the G710+ is it's only WHITE LED back lighting, I'll wait until later when a red one or a multi -color one comes out. Then again I only like using Logitech keyboards and mice.

    I find Razer products feel cheaply made same with the steel series stuff, I just don't like the type of plastic they use. Corsair's keyboards are nice, but I just don't like the floating keys' concept, feels like you can get a lot more crap into the keys such as dust, and or food bits if you eat near your computer. Feels like it'll be an eye sore when it comes to collecting garbage in between keys.

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    I have a K90, the aluminum is nice but the a key sticks, after looking on there forums it is quit common to have a sticking key.
    The gigabyte board has blue back light keys also and so far works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InnervateD View Post
    I'm not sure if you'll get used to Mechanical keyboards but for gaming, I don't think I would like all that clicking it makes.
    Did you know there are many types of mechanical keys, and only a few make noise?
    In general the typist's style contributes more to the noise than the switches (except on noisey switches such as blues).
    If you bottom out browns they will make noise, but that's just the typist - a good typist will type silently on them.

    I wouldn't buy a corsair or gigabyte keyboard. They aren't keyboard companies, so you can expect half-assed quality.
    Companies like Filco, Ducky, DAS, KBC, Realforce have been around for a long time, you can trust them.
    Ducky is really the only gaming mechanical keyboard company that has been around for a while. The others do make black and red switches (the best kinds for gaming), but they aren't marketed as gaming.

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    kind of off topic but i use a Das Keyboard Professional (Cherry MX Blues) and i love it, it doesnt have backlighting or any of the other special stuff like macro buttons etc but i love it, its got amazing build quality and i would definately recommend it to anyone.

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    Cherry red switches have no click.
    After trying a lot of none mechanical boards which most had some kind of issue with keys not working except the logitech boards. I bought my 1st mechanical which is the cm quickfire pro. Although it only has partial backlighting its the best board i've had so far. It took some getting used to typing on it though and the difference in response time ingame is definately noticeable.

    A word of warning to anyone buying one, No matter which usb port i use i can not get it to work outside of windows. So to use the bios i have to switch keyboards and to top it all off it will not work with an extension eventhough coolermaster say it will no matter how much i argue with them.
    I've read a few threads about compatibility issue's with the cm board and the 990fx chipset. How much truth there is to it i don't know but even with its downsides its still my favourite board so far.

    boards in last 2 yrs
    G110, G19, Roccat Isku, Razor Lycosa, Cyborg v7 and the only ones to last longer than 3 months were the logitechs

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    I've gone through a lot of keyboards over the past 10 years and what I've come across every time seems to be you can spend upwards of $500USD or you can spend almost $4000 for an Optimus Maximus and get the same results....Disappointing at best but I still have never found a better brand than the Kensington line of products since way back in 1986 with my first Turbo Mouse Trackball to to day with the Kinsington for Life keyboard...they just work and keep on working. Hell I still have the Kinsington Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Mac and it's over 10years old and not a problem at all other than it's white....Ghastly White....!

    The Keyboard for life cost me a grand total of $12 usd with tax6 months ago and it has features like a true n-Key Rollover that really works plus it's quiet and responsive with the side bonus that I don't have to plug in another Keyboard just to get into BIOS.... The last thing that I do like is it's in BLACK and matches my system.

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    Optimus Maximus is not expensive because of it's switches...

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    I personally use the Razer Blackwidow.

    At work I use whatever keyboard Logitech sends us.

    I used to be pretty big on Logitech kb/m but dropped them after I got the Naga and widow.

    Wasn't a huge fan of the G19 keys felt 'mushy' and while the concept of the colored blacklight was cool, it was very lackluster and annoying, partly due to the color wheel.

    I should be getting a G710+ from logitech soon and i'm really looking forward to using it.

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    The Corsair k90 is not fully mechanical, I believe that the number pad and arrow key section are rubber domes. The only keyboards that are mainstream and that I know of that are blue LED: Razer Black Widow Ultimate and Ducky Shine 2.

    I currently use the Razer Black Widow Ultimate, it is extremely loud since it has blue switches. I would definitely switch to a Ducky Shine 2 (red switch) or a Razer Ultimate Stealth (also red switch) in a heartbeat. Although, the clicky and feel is all preference; Blue switches to me are loud and they snap, Red switches are less loud and smooth.

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    Got my new Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition 2013, I like the green LED and it is bright too, matching The LED color of my new Razer Ouroboros, so far so good, no problem.
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    SSD : 120GB Kingston Hyper X SSD : 512GB Samsung 480 Pro HDD : 2X 1T WD Speaker : Bose companion 5
    Cooler Master
    HAF-X Monitor : ASUS PB278Q

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