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    Lightbulb Modding a hd 7970 direct cui

    i was thinking of buying the artic accselero hybrid to my hd 7970 but the cover for the block is so ugly so i thought i could mod my direct cui and use that as cover instead but the black thing that cools the rams and stuff ill probably have to cut to get the artic accselero hybrid block in that hole so what do you think of my idea if you understood it ?

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    If you are thinking of watercooling your 7970 i would look at doing a custom loop for it. It is basically like an H60 for your video card, which although it will provide some better cooling and less noise, it is not worth the money IMO.

    Many reviews for it say you need a third hand to install it, so if you do buy it make sure you know how to install it or have a friend who can help you out

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