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    GSOD and graphic card overheating

    Hey everyone!
    First, if this is the wrong forum, I'm sorry.

    So here is my issue:
    I just got my Asus G73JH back from a RMA because the screen was broken. They replaced Display & Motherboard and it worked perfectly fine for a week or so. I had the Asus Stock drivers completely installed and hadn't changed a thing. All of sudden the Laptop would be shutting down while gaming/watching videos for a few minutes because, according to the Event Viewer of Windows, "Graphic Card overheating" which I just don't believe to be true because when I touched the laptop it wasn't hot at all. Also, it didn't matter if playing CSS, BFBC2 or anything else, it would just shut down after the same amount of time. I googled a bit and found something about that this might be a driver issue, so I tried installing a more up-to-date display driver (Catalyst 11.5, display driver 8.850.6.0). The overheating stopped (a miracle!) but then I started to get GSODs at completely random points of time. Played for 2 Hours yesterday until I got a GSOD, today it would just happen at windows startup. Google tells me the fix for this is a BIOS update, problem is: I got the newest BIOS (213) already installed (due to the RMA).
    So I tried installing several different drivers (older Versions) and with each and single one I either got the GSOD or the Overheating issue.
    I guess my question is is there anything else i can try (like downgrading my bios?) or do I have to RMA it again? Or is there any driver known to work except the stock driver? (I didn't try all of them because it's a pain in the ass uninstalling the freakin CCC)

    Greets and thanks in advance to anyone trying to help

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    1) Download GPU-Z and install it.
    2) Run it and tell me the video BIOS version your GPU has, or just post a pic of the main tab.
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    Hey there

    Hope it helps. GPU Temperature is pretty high though, ~86° while playing CSS not sure if thats ok.

    oh and I just realized, in the Device Manager the grahpic card is listed as "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series" is that correct? Seems weird to me its not the proper model name.

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    Ah gee i feel so utterly retar*** right now i thought they also upgraded the vBios but they obviously didnt. So i just did, and it worked, i'm gonna check now if it's working in-game etc.

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    I think soon you'll find that you're happy to have a little doh! moment rather than having to send it back for another RMA.
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    Guess you are right

    Thanks for the quick answer to Chastity anyways. You kicked me in the right direction there

    Works perfectly fine so far

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